21 April 2014


We’ve pretty much finished — successfully — with the New York Family Court system after 54 months of dragging ourselves, and being dragged, through it.

I’ll save THAT story for another time, but something I've always yapped about after every court appearance was the incredible amount of money wasted by people who know how to get around “the system.”

Having nothing (yeah, right) to do one night, I took a case I was familiar with that wasn't ours.

I hit Newsday’s (an eastern New York newspaper) database of Suffolk County salaries (data.newsday.com/long-island/data/suffolk/payrolls2012/) and put some stuff together.

This concerns a regular, everyday idiot who is a professional victim of the law.

Bottom line: the cost to you and me is INCREDIBLE.

This individual has had 14 appearances. Nothing done except moved the hearing to yet another appearance.

Cost to YOU the Suffolk County tax payer? By my reckoning — for this one stupid ass, bullshit, low-life case — $4,891,918, to date.

And that’s just ONE low level nothing of a drug bust. From someone who is going to keep getting busted and keep costing us this kind of money because...why? They can. It's allowed.

And if that doesn’t piss you off ….

Following is my math.

Obviously, the courts deal with more than one case per day, so feel free to amortize this. But at best, from what I've observed ... four cases a day? Which would mean divide my final number by four... and that would be what WE — you and I — pay for each low-level scumbag (we're not talking about high profile shit ...just normal everyday criminality) to circumvent the system in hopes that everyone involved will get bored and drop the case. 

And after all the hearings, and all the money? They're right! The case will get dropped, and the dirtbag will walk. 

If that doesn't make you shooting mad ....


Each date requires these individuals: per day is figured on the highest salary and on 180 days/year … and there is no way in hell a court works for 180 days per annum. A court day is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then from 2 p.m. to — on the rarest of occasions — 5 p.m., but generally until 3 p.m. at best. 

This doesn't count all the other horseshit of keeping a courthouse open to deal with a zillion of these assholes.

This doesn’t count pensions, etc., Just salary.

A judge  (90,000-172,000) — 1000/day
A clerk — 52,000 – 75,000 — 416/day
A court reporter — 35,000 to 60,000 — 333/day
Two court officers —40,000 -80,000 each — 444/dayx2
A county district attorney (or ADA) — 42,000 to 380,000 (average between salaries) 211,000/day
An assistant for the county attorney (or ADA) —42,000 to 170,000 (average between salaries) — 106,000/day
DA Investigators — to 170,000 + — 944/day
A legal aid lawyer — couldn't find anything … figure 300/day

So, for an average day: $320,881 (not counting the legal aid lawyer)

14 appearances (for one case) x 320,881 = $4,492,334

07 April 2014


Well, I see PTSD is back in the news, courtesy of the latest massacre on a (the same) military post where soldiers can’t carry guns thanks to a Clinton (which reminds me of a story I heard when I went to Bosnia back in the 90s about the Clintons … but you won’t believe it  … and I digress).

Wanna’ know what PTSD is?

PTSD is being 65 years old — having done hard combat for 18 months 40 years ago — and watching We Were Soldier Once … and Young (the Mel Gibson movie, based on the Joe Galloway book — and I’ve been privileged to speak with Joe) and leaning your forehead against a cold wall, listening to a hard rain … and crying.

Not crying.

Trying-to-catch-your-breath sobbing.

And you cry because you don’t know why.

Only that there’s an echo of what was, and of guys who were, and things that happened. To you.

You know it’s a movie and you know what’s not real. And you know it's not even the war you fought (I worked in four-man teams. Our war was quite a bit different than the one depicted in the book/movie, but I worked in the exact same area of the Ia Drang several times, and one of those times was very less than pleasant, I can tell you that).

That’s what PTSD is.

And that’s what those of us who have seen the horrors and loveliness of war live with every fucking day of our lives. And that’s what an entire generation of new warriors will live with for the rest of their lives.

And fuck anyone who doesn’t understand it.

26 March 2014



I know that most of the people — I should say the "few" people — who read LRRP's World are, to put it mildly, not Democrats.

I also know that people who are old enough to know what a LRRP is don't give a rat's ass about health insurance.

That all said ....

I wish there was a way to reach people who actually vote for people like our sitting president (once again, unlike all the SCUMBAG liberals and anti-capitalists, I refuse to use a denigrating word about an American president), because what they voted for is a person who had introduced a law from which, retroactively, he has exempted welllllll more that half the population.

Yes, I'm writing about the ACA ... Obamacare.

Please, please, please.

Send this to people who you never send the usual stuff we all believe in.

Hard core liberals think this author is a shrill and a shrew. They also think that Bill Maher, CNN and MSNBC are unbiased, but  ... PLEASE ... if you know them, just ask them to read the column and respond.

At best they may learn something. At worse they may include you on THEIR mailing list.

If you HATE the concept of all that is Republican, Conservative, right wing, anti-Obama, gun slinging, less-intelligent -than-you (you egotistical asshole), etc. et al, PLEASE click


The title of the article refers to the kinda guy who belittles anyone who doesn't think his way —  and is of  no consequence to any intellectual thought on either side of the line.

18 March 2014


Here's a look at the future of ships and shipping ... and it won't be too long before it filters down to the recreational market. I'll probably still be trying to get used to a sextant, alas.


28 February 2014


If you love the automotive world, you'll want to check this site out. I stumbled upon it the other night, and it's pretty neat and well done.

Check out Bankshift at http://bangshift.com/