07 April 2014


Well, I see PTSD is back in the news, courtesy of the latest massacre on a (the same) military post where soldiers can’t carry guns thanks to a Clinton (which reminds me of a story I heard when I went to Bosnia back in the 90s about the Clintons … but you won’t believe it  … and I digress).

Wanna’ know what PTSD is?

PTSD is being 65 years old — having done hard combat for 18 months 40 years ago — and watching We Were Soldier Once … and Young (the Mel Gibson movie, based on the Joe Galloway book — and I’ve been privileged to speak with Joe) and leaning your forehead against a cold wall, listening to a hard rain … and crying.

Not crying.

Trying-to-catch-your-breath sobbing.

And you cry because you don’t know why.

Only that there’s an echo of what was, and of guys who were, and things that happened. To you.

You know it’s a movie and you know what’s not real. And you know it's not even the war you fought (I worked in four-man teams. Our war was quite a bit different than the one depicted in the book/movie, but I worked in the exact same area of the Ia Drang several times, and one of those times was very less than pleasant, I can tell you that).

That’s what PTSD is.

And that’s what those of us who have seen the horrors and loveliness of war live with every fucking day of our lives. And that’s what an entire generation of new warriors will live with for the rest of their lives.

And fuck anyone who doesn’t understand it.

26 March 2014



I know that most of the people — I should say the "few" people — who read LRRP's World are, to put it mildly, not Democrats.

I also know that people who are old enough to know what a LRRP is don't give a rat's ass about health insurance.

That all said ....

I wish there was a way to reach people who actually vote for people like our sitting president (once again, unlike all the SCUMBAG liberals and anti-capitalists, I refuse to use a denigrating word about an American president), because what they voted for is a person who had introduced a law from which, retroactively, he has exempted welllllll more that half the population.

Yes, I'm writing about the ACA ... Obamacare.

Please, please, please.

Send this to people who you never send the usual stuff we all believe in.

Hard core liberals think this author is a shrill and a shrew. They also think that Bill Maher, CNN and MSNBC are unbiased, but  ... PLEASE ... if you know them, just ask them to read the column and respond.

At best they may learn something. At worse they may include you on THEIR mailing list.

If you HATE the concept of all that is Republican, Conservative, right wing, anti-Obama, gun slinging, less-intelligent -than-you (you egotistical asshole), etc. et al, PLEASE click


The title of the article refers to the kinda guy who belittles anyone who doesn't think his way —  and is of  no consequence to any intellectual thought on either side of the line.

18 March 2014


Here's a look at the future of ships and shipping ... and it won't be too long before it filters down to the recreational market. I'll probably still be trying to get used to a sextant, alas.


28 February 2014


If you love the automotive world, you'll want to check this site out. I stumbled upon it the other night, and it's pretty neat and well done.

Check out Bankshift at http://bangshift.com/

12 February 2014


The Coast Guard Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the education and welfare of Coast Guard members and their families, announced today it has established the Douglas Munro Scholarship Fund. Named for the only Coast Guard member to be awarded the Medal of Honor, the new scholarship will help children of Coast Guard members achieve their goals of a college education.
To establish the fund, the Coast Guard Foundation is offering a limited-edition challenge coin set that honors Munro and his service in the Coast Guard. The coin set will be offered to individuals who donate $100 or more to the scholarship fund. The American-made collectable coins are numbered and bear Munro’s likeness on the front, and an image of a statue erected in his honor and his Medal of Honor on the back. They are presented in a custom-made display case. 

“The name Douglas Munro reverberates throughout the Coast Guard world and we are honored to have his name on our newly established scholarship fund,” said Anne Brengle, president, Coast Guard Foundation. “We have helped hundreds of Coast Guard children complete their college education, and we look forward to helping even more in the name of this brave and heroic individual.”
About Douglas Munro:  Signalman First Class Douglas Albert Munro’s name graces the U.S. Coast Guard's headquarters in Washington, D.C., as well as the Coast Guard Foundation's planned giving society. He was killed in action on Guadalcanal on September 27, 1942 after helping a detachment of Marines escape from a point where enemy opposition was far worse than anticipated. Munro was in charge of a fleet of 10 boats that successfully landed the Marines. He got them ashore and headed back to his assigned position, but immediately learned that the conditions on the island were much more dangerous than expected. Munro led the evacuation of Guadalcanal, bringing the boats under heavy enemy fire to rescue the Marines. In order to save the last men leaving, he moved the boat he was on to serve as cover. He was fatally wounded protecting the Marines fleeing enemy fire.  Visit douglasmunro.com for more information.
For over 40 years, the Coast Guard Foundation has been committed to inspiring leadership, learning and a proud legacy of service to our nation by supporting the men of women of the United States Coast Guard. The Foundation provides higher education grants to enlisted members, reservists and their children, higher education financial support for families of Coast Guard members lost in the line of duty, and support for morale programs, including funding recreation, exercise and family-oriented facilities.
For more information on the Douglas Munro Scholarship Fund, the limited-edition Douglas Munro Challenge Coin set, the Coast Guard Foundation or its programs, please visit www.coastguardfoundation.org or call 860-535-0786.