01 February 2017


There we were plugging along doing our best to make life miserable for the North Vietnamese and VC, when ol' Westy decided that all the LRPs and LRRPs were doing such a great job that they should be called Rangers and reactivated the 75th Rangers, tracing our heritage from WW II's Merrill's Marauder. And the 75th Rangers were reborn on February 1, 1969.

And, yes, I was part of that. My company, which was part of the Fourth Infantry Division — formerly E Co. 58th Inf. LRP/LRRP (part of the 1st Squadron 10th Cavalry) — became Co K, 75th Rangers (Abn).

And that, as they say, is how it happened.

Happy 48th to all the LRPs, LRRPs and Rangers out there.

If you'd like to read more, do a search at the top of this page for "rangers," and you'll find different write ups for as long as I've been doing LRRP's World.

And, yes, that's moi on a mission circa 1968. Picked the best seat in the house.

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Dana McGrath, K/75th. said...

That's a nice bunker, Ranger Joyce. In the words of a recent POTUS: "You didn't build that".

But you took it down...