20 March 2006



USMC regimental Combat Team 5, stationed at Camp Fallujah, got the first shipment of the new M-32 sixshot 40mm grenade launcher. This will replace the single-shot gun that fastens under the M-4/M-16 as well as the stand-alone M-203, both of which have been around since the Viet Nam War.

The M-32 is a modified Milkor MGL-140 with additional features like the buttstock, sights, foregrip, etc. It can put all six rounds on target in under three seconds, and can fire "normal" M433 40mm grenades or specialty rounds. Specialty rounds include HELLHOUND rounds with twice the lethal radius of the M433, which will breach doors and kill anything behind them; DRACO thermobaric rounds; and even HUNTIR rounds with cameras in them that descend on a parachute and send back video.

The Corp has reportedly ordered 9,000. Good hunting, guys.

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