29 March 2006


This was reported by the Associated Press on Saturday, March 25. Of course, since it didn’t have anything to do with letting dogs bark at terrorists, or Muslims blowing each other up, it made the news pretty much no where. Too bad the scumbags responsible weren’t found hanging from an overpass. At least the media would have had to say they were hung because they defaced a sign honoring an American hero.

This lovely little tale is out of a place called Cheshire, Massachusetts, about 140 miles out of Boston in the state that continues to elect a murderer as its senior senator, and who bring new meaning to the word waffle. A f-----g lovely tale.

The words "oil," "Bush," "Christian Crusade" and other phrases were written in black marker on a brown metal trail sign honoring Daniel Petithory who was killed December 5, 2001 in Afghanistan along with two other Special Forces soldiers when a U.S. bomb landed about 100 yards from their position north of Kandahar. Petithory was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart.

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