10 April 2006


Why, thank you one and all … can we get a rousing chorus of Nuke Iran going or did that become politically incorrect since last week?

Spent the week learning how to do all sorts of nifty things in and out of Zodiac RIBs. I was the only civilian, but I went easy on all the cops that included members of the New Jersey State Police Marine Bureau, the Newark PD ESU boys, some Wayne County PD guys, four members of two PA fire departments and one Navy EOD man.

The results? I promise one and all that the waters of eastern Long Island will be well defended from terrorist attack this summer.

Seriously … a good, realistic and no-BS course that any marine bureau responders wouyld do well to invest in.

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Anonymous said...

Well little water boy.......you didn't tell the readers that you and a couple of YOUNG cops won the test. AND, YES NUKE IRAN!!!!!!!fvxkbnok