08 June 2006


Thanks to some spec ops trackers and a quick bomb strike, Islamic terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was nailed last night north of Baghdad (as I write this at 0800 on 08 June, it’s 1600 in Baghdad). ID was positive.

This may not stop anything (and the media is covered with the classic “the violence will continue” pessimistic — unfortunately true — asides), we still killed the son of a bitch. Feed whatever remains of his corpse to the dogs.

Remember this, because no matter what you hear from defeatist liberals, this was a coordinated effort (Jordanian intelligence is said to have played a big part in the attack), significantly showing a commonality of purpose. I may have to eat my words about Islam as a whole, but it would seem that even "mainstream" Islam is starting to tire of endless, insensible murder. If that's true, I'll be the first to modify my opinion.

I gotta say that makes today brighter. Congrats to all involved. VIDEO OF THE HIT HERE

Next up ... that skinny rat bastard Saudi.

(Funniest TV news moment ... a Fox anchor after a listing of many of Zarqawi's more heinous crimes said in all seriousness, "Thank you for that listing of Zarqawi's greatest hits." Ya just can't make this stuff up!)

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