23 June 2006


I don’t think so …

In the best tradition of William Randolph Hearst those paragons of facetious First Amendment arguments over at The New York Times have decided it’s time to unveil another anti-terrorist government program aimed at tapping into the financial information of the enemy.

Revelaing the program is, quote, “... in the public interest,” unquote, according to Times editor Bill Keller.

Whoa, Keller, you really ‘wrassled’ with the logic of that conundrum.

We’d all be interested in your rag’s true circulation numbers, and your own true ideological philosophy, voting record, party and political association affiliations and …. ummmm, shoe size.

All save the shoe size are MOST DEFINITELY in “the public interest,” since its sooo important that you burn another good anti-terrorist program.

One can only hope your building burns to the ground.

Late Note: 6-25-06.
Not only is this a callous disregard for American lives, but it isn't even "news." The info's been available in a UN report on terrorist tailing since 2002. But, hey ...it IS the Times where plagiarism is just another word for journalism.

Preemptiveness is a Virtue
Nuke Iran
Nuke North Korea

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