15 June 2006


INK-MEDIA, originally uploaded by gpj631.

A paper titled Blood and Ink! The Common Interest Game Between Terrorist and the Media noted that there is a symbiotic relationship between terrorist acts and the newspaper coverage they generate. It also noted that the newspaper coverage instigates more terrorist acts ad nauseam, ad infinitum (and that’s why it’s symbiotic).

Anyway … the paper by Bruno S. Frey of the University of Zurich’s Institute for Empirical Research in Economics and Dominic Rohner of the University of Cambridge’s economics faculty, was done in March 2006 and found that media attention and terrorism mutually cause each other — for those of you who actually understand this stuff, the terrorism/media link exhibits a “Granger causality.” The paper also explains why terrorist acts are “‘bloodier’ in developing countries than in Europe and the United States.”

The paper makes quite interesting reading if you’re actually interested in terrorism beyond the combative aspects. You can download a copy at EconPapers . It's a 22-pager.

This is an economics paper, so if you understand the math, God bless ya. Skipping the math might not help you understand how the study was done, but there's still enough in there that's understandable to inform the layman.

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