17 April 2009


"They're the superheroes," said a relaxed looking Capt. Phillips upon his arrival at Burlington International Airport. "They're the titans. They're impossible men doing an impossible job, and they did the impossible with me ... They're at the point of the sword every day, doing an impossible job every day."


We may never know what really happened for a couple of years, but at least Capt. Phillips knows.

And, gah-damn! but that was one helluva take down.

Hail the Squids!!!

I gotta tell ya ... it feels really good to be part of the spec-ops fraternity.

UPDATE: 4/19-09 1519LT: Seems like not only was I a little fast in saying that Captain Phillips was a dead man, it also seems that I may have jumped the gun (so to speak) on thanking President Obama for his actions. Apparently — and so far, aside from what's appearing in the blogs, there seems to be only one Congressman (Buyers) from Indiana questioning the timing — the Prez was loathe to use force, and delayed the rescue via restrictive ROEs, by 36 hours. Unfortunately, with Obama glad-handing the likes of Chavez and Castro like they're old roomies, this has the ring of truth to it. It's unfortunate we won't hear from the men involved.

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