14 April 2009


UPDATE:4/14/09-1452LT: While the above is funny, the American press didn't give much play to what happened in the French rescue attempt on Friday (4/10/09). The captain of the French-flagged sailing yacht Tanit and two pirates died in a rescue operation by French special operatives. Four hostages were freed, including a three-year-old child. But Florent Lema├žon, the 28-year-old owner of the yacht, was shot dead as his wife, their son and two friends were being rescued. Get used to this type of news, mainly because these pirates are impoverished (versus religious) terrorists to whom life means less than little (watch the scene in Blackhawk Down in which a terrorist chief, lectures the captured pilot on why they will win). What should be done is a coalition (and by this I actually mean any country that owns ships) sends their people, and the entire area coastline becomes a free fire zone ... and yes, innocent civilians will die. We — that is to say, the "civilized" world — won't do this, of course, but that's what should be done.

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