16 June 2009


The ACLU released a report today that said the U.S. government’s crackdown on terrorism financing has hampered the religious freedom of American Muslims by making it difficult for them to donate to Islamic charities.

Uh, how has a crackdown on charities financing terrorist groups done this?

By scaring Muslims according to the report.

Uh, tough shit. If you're afraid of donating money to charitable groups, there has to be a reason why you'd be afraid.

Could that reason be that you're afraid they may be giving money to people who want to kill Americans and thereby identify you as someone who is supporting terrorism?

Well, that's pretty astute thinking there, Sparky.

God, I hate the ACLU. How come they haven't sued Saudi Arabia or anyplace else those 9/11 shitheads came from for taking away the civil rights of the Americans who died that day?

What scum.

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