07 June 2009


I know yesterday marked the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings, my hats are off to those who partook in those bloody events — both dead and alive.

But ...

Today marks the 90th anniversary of our "relationship" with Viet Nam. A merchant ship, Franklin, commanded by a lieutenant named John White, was the first recorded American to ever visit good ol' Nam. He landed at a place called Vung Tau (those of you who were over there, should well know the equal-opportunity in-country R&R town!) in 1819.

A more pertinent anniversary should be marked today, as well, being we'll probably have to do something similar in the near future. Today is the 28th anniversary of the day the Israeli AIr Force took out Sadaam Hussein's nuclear reactors in what can only be considered a tour de air force (ah-hah).

If you want something done right in the Middle East, you pretty much gotta rely on the Israelis, I guess. We're too busy making nice with the religion that is trying to kill us all.


Nuke Iran, Congress and North Korea ... in that order.

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