09 June 2009


I would assume you've heard of the two West Coast-based American journalists who were captured on the North Korea-China border and charged with espionage? They were recently convicted in NK courts (defying any discussion of the etymology of the word "court." Apparently in Korean its root means, "you're screwed"). Anyway, the two girls got 12 years.

Now, regardless of what Liberals everywhere would like you to think Gitmo is like, picture Attica on steroids instead (the Liberals refuse to even discuss the possibility that our own citizens are subjected to tortures far worse than any of the "encouragements" utilized in Gitmo or at any of the Eastern Euro CIA "holding" areas. But, hey, that won't sell papers or air time. But I digress)

According to a Washington Times article today, North Korea expert (not necessarily something I'd brag about since it begs the question, "how?") Andrei Lankov says, "They will never be sent to a real prison camp, as they would see a lot of things an outsider is not meant to see."

Let me get this straight. These outsiders, nee, American girls, get "9mm pneumonia" and die after seeing things they shouldn't see? Andrei, bubbala. Been hitting the vodka before the interviews, are we?

Why do we have to pretend that countries like North Korea, Iran, etc., et al, are run by humans? They're run by — to quote good ol' Uncle Ron — "...the strangest collection of misfits, Looney Tunes, and squalid criminals since the Third Reich."

But, yeah. They won't go to a "real" NK prison because they might see something they'll never live to tell about. Makes perfect sense to me.

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