16 July 2009


8-04-77. The Department of Energy is instituted by President Jimmy Carter (aka, Barrack Hussein Obama’s grandfather-in-spirit), the object (among other energy related issues): To lessen our dependence on foreign oil

11-9-77. President Carter signs the National Energy Act, which includes the National Energy Conservation Policy Act, the Power Plant and Industrial Fuel Use Act, the Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act, the Energy Tax Act, and the Natural Gas Policy Act.

1-16-79. World oil supply goes to shit when Shah of Iran is deposed mainly because Carter and his appointed anti-CIA/CIA Director Stanfield Turner (can you say Leon Panetta?) gutted the CIA. Or as a KGB agent in Cairo Egypt, was quoted as saying in 1978: “Of all the operations that the Soviet Union and the U.S. have conducted against each other, none have benefited the KGB as much as the campaign in the US to discredit the CIA. In our wildest scenarios, we could never have anticipated such a plus for our side.”

6-20-79. President Carter announces program to increase Nation's use of solar energy, including solar development bank and increased funds for solar energy research and development.

6-30-80. President Carter signs the Energy Security Act, consisting of six major acts: U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation Act, Biomass Energy and Alcohol Fuels Act, Renewable Energy Resources Act, Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Act and Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank Act, Geothermal Energy Act, and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Act.

2009 Budget for the Department of Energy: $24.2 billion


1973. President Richard Nixon. “Our independence will depend on maintaining and achieving self-sufficiency in energy,” the United States imported 34.8 percent of its oil from foreign countries.
1979. President Jimmy Carter said the country will “never again use more foreign oil than we did in 1977,” imports were up to 45 percent of the nation’s oil supply.
1990. President George H.W. Bush talked of the need to reverse “excessive dependence on foreign oil,” the United States was importing 42.2 percent of its oil. By the time his son ran for office, sport utility vehicles ruled the roads and 52.9 percent of its oil.
2006. President Bush declared in his State of the Union that the nation was addicted to oil, foreign countries were delivering 59.9 percent of the fix.

Production of US produced oil has hovered in the 17,000 to 21,000 barrels per day (bpd) range during the same time. US production peaked at 21,495 bpd in December, 2004 (In July 1977 it was 17,567 bpd ... in April 2009: 18,471 bpd. Stats from Department of Energy.

So now we’re going to let the Government, which has illustrated what great business sense they have (US Postal Service, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc., et al) run our banking and health systems, and our auto industry ... as well as take another shot at oil reliance?

Oh, yeah. This all makes perfect sense.

(Thank to SS from FL for seeding me with this idea)

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