06 July 2009


Let’s see if I get this correct.

Since June 25 — note, that is 12 days ago as this is written — the MSM — and this includes television, Internet, newspapers, et al, have absolutely saturated their media with stories having to do with the demise of a pop star/entertainer who also happened to be a pedophile, bought children, had — at best — HAD self esteem problems with his own racial make up, and was otherwise and all-round weird dude.

Meanwhile, the country stands to be grasped by the most vicious environmental policy ever conceived that will make your gas, oil and electric bills go up 30 to 60 percent. And if “poor” people can’t pay it, the government will ... which means YOUR taxes will.

Our military are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq, there’s a serial killer loose in South Carolina, there’s an ethnic war going on in China (not for long, I’ll bet), the fucking North Koreans are launching missiles likes it’s Fourth of July, the government takes over ANOTHER car company (GM), the US government is siding with Chavez/Castro/et al ,over the Honduran military’s support of its OWN constitution, a government which has proven time upon time (the USPS, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc., et al) it couldn’t manage a business if it tried, is about to get into the health insurance business, two mathematicians cracked the Social Security numbering system, and God know what else has gone on.

And what have your media masterminds done over the past 12 days? Talk about a pervert as if he was the second coming.

Jeez. Ya think the Obama White House and its connections with the media have anything to do with this prolongated wallowing in the filth of a diseased individual’s mind, reputation and career?

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