22 July 2009


A third updated Tax Foundation report shows that 39 states would see top tax rates exceed 50% under a health care funding plan announced today by House Democrats. The latest proposal—one of several floated on Capitol Hill in the past few days and the third analyzed by the Tax Foundation since Friday—would impose a surtax of 1 percent on married couples with adjusted gross incomes (AGI) between $350,000 and $500,000 (singles between $280,000 and $400,000); 1.5 percent on couples with incomes between $500,000 and $1 million (singles earning between $400,000and $800,000); and 5.4 percent on couples earning more than $1 million (singles beyond $800,000).

For the full story — so well reported in SRM (state-run media) — you'll have to go HERE

So, how's that "change" workin' out for ya now?

I do believe it's getting near time to go to the guns and start killing, er, voting out, some of these assholes, er, our representatives, I mean.

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