12 August 2009


I'm confused.

If you don't agree with me — on things like choice of President, the right to fight wars, the right to kill terrorists, the benefits of "persuasion" on terrorists, the right for me to defend myself with weapons, the right to smoke (or not), the legality of pot (or not), the death penalty, the right of women to choose what THEY want to do with their bodies ... y'know, things like that — if you don't agree with me, it's okay for you to carry signs, get in my face, scream obscenities at me, spit at me (ah, the good ol' Southeast Asian War Games), call me a father raper, etc., and you get to cloak yourself in the "It's American to Protest" banner.

But if I do it, because I don't agree with you, it's un-American, caused by FOX, rabble rousing and impolite, not to mention down right rude.

Well, how about if I stick a gun in your ear and say, "oops, you're wrong," then pull the trigger?

Is that less rude?

We are now faced with a critical time in America. We have to elect new politicians,who are beholden to us, not special interests. If you didn't get the message that your vote counted at the last presidential election, maybe you will now.

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