26 August 2009


Okay. Here we go. A naturalized American citizen named Raneen Albaghdady was petitioning for a name change (no shit!) in Michigan, when - ostensibly - Judge William Callahan told her "no hats in my courtroom."

Works for me your honor.

So this bimbo - who is seen on videotape saying "no big deal" or words to that effect, is - along with the stalwart terrorist supporters of CAIR (Council on Islamic American Relations ... better known as "you have to do it our way because we're fucking Muslims" club - the guys who tried to get a law passed saying that it would be okay to sue American for ratting out Middle Easterners who they suspected of suspicious activity) - suing the judge because he told her to remove the Islamic bullshit headgear their "religion" mandates women wear in his courtroom.

Fuck you, CAIR, and the camels you rode in on. You're in goddamn America. You wanna wear the headgear, fine. Nobody gives a shit. The judge wants you to take it off in his courtroom, that's just as fine, so take it off. And don't be wearing that stupid fucking thing when we have a car accident, or I'll be wrapping it into the serpentine belt with you in it.

Assimilation, my ass. I have so fucking had it with PC.

Fuck her, and fuck CAIR.

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