13 August 2009


Okay. No, you're not missing anything ...it's a case of self-censorship, not the Black Helicopter folks at work

This posting originally contained my ramblings about fight-club mentality (or lack thereof). No biggie and no great social import.

It derived from Thursday night's episode of 30 Rock ... and, yes, Alec Baldwin is also in 30 Rock; and, yes, he's really good in it (the entire cast is good); and, yes, he's a liberal commie bastard; and, yes, I watch it.

The show had (partially) to do with one of my picks for hottest of babes (guys dig scars,too!) Tina Fey, getting in a chick-fight-club thing. That's what prompted the entire entry, but in this case it was simply an opportunity to put Tina Fey's pic on LRRP's World, so I figured this morning to be honest about it!

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