21 August 2009


Followingh in the footsteps of Stanfield Turner, President Carter's pick for head of the CIA, we have a new pair trying their best to cripple America's foreign intelligence gathering apparatus.

Of course, I'm talking about President Barack Hussein Obama and his hand-picked version of Turner, Leon Panetta.

First, no more Gitmo, then no more water boarding, now no more black ops, and God forbid we try to kill people who are trying to kill us. Next we'll be selling the names of what undercover agents we have left to Twitter and CAIR.

Jesus. You would think SOMEone in this sorry excuse for a government knew a little history.

Oh well, this will set the stage for my grandhcildren to return to the Middle East and environs to fight yet another war. Hopefully, I'll be worm food by then.

What assholes.

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