26 August 2009


I wasn’t going to address the death of Senator Kennedy, but being I rail against liberalism on a regular basis, I guess I must.

There’s not much I like about Ted Kennedy’s politics. I think he embodied the worst aspects of liberalism in the United States. And, yes, no matter what anyone says, he was — somehow — responsible for the death of a woman on Chappaquiddick Island. It cost him the presidency (hey, don’t get puffed up. The parents sold their daughter out for $$).

But I have to admire the man’s courage. He had two brothers shot out from under him, and yet he chose to remain a major pain in the ass to the right, and a major target to any asshole wanting to make a name for himself.

Gotta give it to man … he may have messed up one drunken night, but he had balls.

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