13 August 2009


Nancy "The CIA is Lying" Pelosi changed her mind — again— which means we should stop seeing the media bad mouthing those who don't agree with the President's $1.3 trillion-and-counting new way to spend our money, otherwise known as national health care.

Having previously declared town hall attendees who don't agree with her ‘un-American’ in a widely-read piece in USA Today, a newly-released video has Pelosi praising the town hall process as “healthy,” “wholesome” and “essential to any success” that Democrats might have with their healthcare agenda.

Guess bad mouthing doesn't work. Nothing like a backfire to piss off anyone who wasn't pissed off in the first place.

Alas and alack ... Too late San Fran Nan ... that health care BS is gonna go the same way a sub does. Down.

Hey, maybe we can get her to get on the side of dropping the capital gains tax for 18 months-or-so to, y'know, stimulate the economy. She's already said no to that.

Na, that might work. Then where would we be?

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