03 August 2009


The Sky Isn’t Falling, The Sky…
I generally take any environmental report sponsored by the lefties at the Pew Foundation — i.e., most of them — having to do with dire apocalyptic calamities about to befall humankind with, to put it “charitably,” a grain a salt. But here’s one sponsored by the self-same Pew Foundation that contradicts everything the Pew Foundation has reported having to do with the demise of all the fish in all the oceans of the entire planet earth. Essentially, it's a "never mind." HERE

First Casualty of Gulf War I Identified
“The remains of the first American killed in the Gulf War have been found in Iraq, solving a mystery that has vexed the US military since his jet was shot down on the first night of the 1991 war.
“The Pentagon announced yesterday that the remains of Navy Captain Michael “Scott” Speicher had been identified from bone fragments unearthed in the Iraqi desert, after two Iraqi civilians contacted Marines to say that they knew where he was buried.” HERE

Only White People Allowed To Be Called Racist
Fox commentator, Glen Beck, is taking heat because he called President Obama a racist (examples: his moral mentor Wright, his recent siding with Gates, etc.). As we all know, only liberals can determine who is a racist, and only blacks and people of color can be subject to racism. And conservative opinionistas can NEVER say the word unless they speak of themselves. Silly, Glen! How dare you! HERE.

Sports News
Felipe Massa, a driver for Scuderia Ferrari, who was smacked in the helmet by an errant spring during the Grand Prix of Hungary (at around 140 mph) walked from the hospital yesterday and headed home to Sao Paolo. No word on when he returns to the pilot seat, but Uber-champ Michael Schumacher will take his place for the rest of the season. (Update: The Schumacher experiment is a no-go. The ex-champ was injured racing his motorcycle and when he tested an older model Ferrari in prep for taking over Massa's seat, found his neck wasn't strong enough to handle the G-forces.
Michael Phelps, American Aquaman, despite a loss for the first time in something like four years, returned to form with a fifth gold medal at the championships in Rome, yesterday. A total of 43 records fell during the event, which may be one of the last to allow the use of plastic swimsuits.
•NASCAR’s Pocono 500 was cancelled due to rain on Sunday. New start time is 12:30 p.m. today.
•If you missed the rally car racing at the X-Games, you missed a unique event. It was won in less than dramatic fashion, however, when former-Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack’s vehicle outlasted former-FMXer-now-rally-driver Travis Pastrana’s (the former champ in the event). Still a fun event to watch through the prelims. Pastrana also competed in the “Best Trick” event and failed to pull a back 720.

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