14 August 2009


This is the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, and most of the media have been making a pretty big hoo-hah about it. Well VFW Magazine did a piece about something else ... the 109 American troops who died while everyone was having fun in the mud. The story, written by Richard K. Kolb, is HERE.

Nonetheless, I thought of the best way to honor those 109 was to write their names down, so here they are.

The following names are located on Panel 19 West - Lines 43-64 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. They are listed as they appear on the Wall. They all died between August 15 and 18, 1969.

—James D. Anderson • Frank C. Armijo • John M. Bozinski • Roger D. Brown • Daniel E. Carey
—Tyrone Chatman • Ricky W. Church • Alejo Del Valle Sanchez • Chester L. Goins • Johnnie Graham, Jr.
—Vincent Shepersky • Jacky E. Landers • Richard D. Laxson • David B. Lentz • Michael L. Lewis
— Raymond Ligons • Raymond G. Masse • Joseph W. Mitchell • Terry K. McDonell • Earl J. Overacker
—Paul Ponce • Paul M. Roberts • Ronnie Lee Robertson • Robert H. Shields II • John G. Smith
—William H. Somerville • James Sprinkle • Boyd L. Whitted • Tommy Joe Berrier • William K. Blackburn
—George F. Bonnett • John M. Davis • Israel Esparza • Mark W. Eveland • Jerry A. Frakes
—Clifford M. Gibson • William S. Heidler • Lawrence J. Humphrey • Thomas D. Jones • William N. LaGrone
—Rodney D. Little • Michael D. Muse • Clifford P. McCrary • Arturo A. Nazbal, Jr. • Samuel H. Pierce, Jr.
—Ronald E. Shipley • Charles L. Troxel • Eugene Tucker • John E. Wibbens • Terry Lee Barr
—Carl C. Bates, Jr. • Curtis Bowman • Gerald L. Caton • Kim M. Diliberto • David A. Gay
—Frank A. Frangella • Gregory J. Gee • William P. Gooding • Paul R. Hopkins • Chalmers C. Humphreys
—James R. Hurst • Donald James, Jr. • Frederick Mezzatesta • George L. Miner • Steven M. Mioyke
— Ronald W. Panno • Matthew Peterson • Clifford Seals • Vernon D. Southerland • Ronald D. Tillery
—Daniel R. Turner • Jayson F. Ulrich • Jay D. Webster, Jr. • Douglas W. Wilkie • Scott E. Wise
—Howard C. Ard • Norman D. Auten • Donald R. Barrett • William J. Bassignani • Newton T. Bell, Jr.
—Howard R. Bruckner • Daniel R. Davis • Mario P. DeLeon • Stanley H. Dickerson • Robert H. Donaway
— Rodney L. Engel • Robert A. Fox • Rigoberto Gomez-Diaz • Mark W. Grigsby • George A. Guy
—Gary W. Harvey • Gerald A. Henry • Edwin C. Hockenberry • James G. Hodgskin, Jr. • James W. Kirksey
—David Lewis • Vincent T. Masciale • Douglas C. Merrill • Vincent J. Musco • Francis McLaughlin
—Robert K. Spillner • BEnny B. Parker • Bobby Riddle • John C. Rodgers • Edwin J. Smolarek Jr.
—Richard W. Nelson • Thomas Stradtman • David R. Tibbetts • Paul W. Vanderbroom, Jr. • Gary E. Young.


Anonymous said...

Depressing and accurate..thats my pops!

Anonymous said...

my "pops" name is in that group.
If my dad was still around he could be any way he wanted