30 September 2009


I usually don't give much of a care what media outside the States have to say about America, but since most of our media has displayed an extraordinary incompetence on covering what's going on here, sometimes it bears knowing what our cousins elsewhere in the world have to say.

HERE'S a column from the UK's Telegraph Gerald Warner, a considerably more erudite chronicleer than what passes for that on this side of The Pond.

Below is a taste of how Mr. Warner see it ... it's a good one (and the emphasis is mine, not Mr. Warner's).

"Barack Obama’s chances of re-election in three and a half years’ time may be evaporating at unprecedented speed, but his presidential ambitions could still be realised in another direction. He would be a shoo-in to win the next Russian presidential election, so high is his popularity now running in the land of the bear and the knout. Obama has done more to restore Russia’s hegemonial potential in Eastern and Central Europe than even Vladimir Putin...."

Thanks to Paul L for the heads up.

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