14 September 2009


This word is getting way too much usage ... and almost all of it is always incorrect.

There's a joke going around about the new presidential stamp issued by the US Post Office. Stupid joke, funny,-ha-ha, but it's not racist.

Just because a sizable portion of the American public doesn't agree with President Obama's policies (most of which, while perhaps of good intent, do nothing save bankrupt the country), doesn't mean they're racist, no more than all the screaming weenies who've said the foulest shit imaginable about the former president were racist.

Why doesn't the press scream "racism" when Kayne West acts like an asshole or Serena Williams acts like one? Not screaming racism at their behavior, is ... well ... racist by default.

Stop the horseshit about racism. Like any other misused and overused term it eventually comes to mean NOTHING, no matter what your color or how loud you scream it.

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