06 October 2009


In a show of hubris unrivaled in recent American politics, the freshman, amateur and otherwise feeling-its-way-'cause-we-haven't-a-clue (putting it mildly) Obama Administration has been quietly (and not so quietly) chastising the commander of American Forces in Afghanistan for demanding sufficient troops to defeat the Taliban.

The president has had the general's report since August and only held his second meeting on the topic last week. Apparently dead Americans aren't all that important to the new C-i-C ... unlike, say, getting bitched slapped by the IOC in Copenhagen.

Watch, as the commies, synchophants, Clinton-rejects and anti-America crowd rampant in our government, succeed in replacing Gen. McChrystal ... and many more of our people get killed supporting a doomed effort.

Hell — finally — even the SRM is getting the idea that this administration doesn't know what it's doing.

Can you say deja-vu?

UPDATE: 10/7/09: Just came across THIS.

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