03 November 2009


Wonder what happens when you vote for a bill and don't know what's in it?

Y'know, like the current Congress has been doing over the past 15 months or so.

Well, here's what they've done — so far, as we're finding out — in New York State when they passed a budget that nobody bothered reading too closely.

•They (a Democrat controlled senate and a Democrat governor ... sound familiar?) imposed a recreational saltwater fishing license. Unfortunately they couldn't get it right (duh!) and ended up imposing it for three months in 2009 and then a full year from there on. The result was that many commercial captains/boats ended up having to cough up around $400 to stay in biz for three months and then another $400 January 1 the following year. Residents had to pay $20 (10/10) for another inalienable right that disappeared.

•They (a Democrat controlled senate and a Democrat governor ... sound familiar?) decided that everyone in the state would get new license plates. Whether you needed them or not, you will pay $25 for a new set of plates.

I can't wait to see what those pirates and perverts in Congress have tacked on to all the bills they're so anxiously passing at the request of our Great Socialist Leader Bho ... especially the crowd of looters under "double secret" (as in, unreported by the media) investigation (Murtha, Boxer, etc., et al).

PS: Vote today, and vote for anybody who's comfortable. THROW THE BUMS OUT!

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