08 November 2009


Apparently we're stupid enough to allow the 435 we-elected idiots inhabiting the House of Representatives to pass a 1900-page bill, of which every nuance and ramification was thoroughly explored and understood in the space of three days. This accomplished by people with the average IQ of a garden snail, whose only objective in life is to get re-elected.

Considering their leader, BHO, has about a year-and-half experience prior to getting bum-rushed to the Presidency by the nation's anti-American crowd, this shouldn't come as a surprise. Speed counts, results be damned. Can't let the little people know what's going on ... after all they're not the brightest bunch, how can THEY pick what's best for them. we elites have to tell them.

Now it goes to the Senate who will harumph over it much longer because there're only 100 of them and it's harder to hide from your vote ... and over a third of these we -elected idiots will be running for re-election in 2012.

Remember that.

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