30 July 2010


For those of you who — fortunately — don’t subject yourselves to reading the warped BS Al Jazeera (a muslim mouthpiece) puts out, I quote one of today’s stories.

“Though the U.S. political/media establishment remains in denial, an international consensus is building that the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was a crime — a profound and catastrophic violation of international law.”

So who wrote that?

Just your typical everyday, American ex-pat punk. Name is Peter Dyer. He’s a self-described “freelance journalist” who bailed to New Zealand in 2004. He can be reached at p.dyer@inspire.net.nz.

I only mention this because I am sooooooo sick of Americans who think the highlight of their profession (such as it is. I’m a freelancer and have been for 20 years. You know what the definition of a freelancer is? Someone who has a wife who works) is to burn America.

By and large — and like all generalities, this doesn’t hold true for everyone — most of the American ex-pats I’ve met couldn’t hold a candle to the illegal aliens we’re all pissing and moaning about (and — regardless of your opinion on illegals — most of the illegals I’ve seen work their asses off, and reeeeeally want to stay here).

This MFer, however, has chosen to work for the guys who editorially think taking down the WTC was justified.

Back in the Henry Graham Greene days — bipolar or not — there was some cachet to being an ex-pat.

Now? As much as I’d like to live in New Zealand, all this guy Dyer is, is another Gollum.

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