25 August 2010


Whether you wish to believe it or not and whether you're a Red Stater or Blue Stater, the fact of the matter is that the US Government initiated the economic calamity we are currently in, and is solely responsible for the President we now have, and the socialist agenda he and his cohorts are ramming down our throats even though we don't want it.

That said ... what brought down our economic collapse had less to do with Wall Street, greed and thievery than with the indiscriminate mortgage lending the US Government mandated.

Everybody SHOULDN'T own a home, EVERYBODY is NOT entitled to own a home, the ability to AFFORD a home should have been paramount, and the decision to defy plus-and-minus economics based on the most dubious of PC political-driven economic philosophies is what has us where we are.


Now... read THIS INTERVIEW with the former chief credit officer of Fannie to see how we got into the mess, and how we're going to perpetuate it.

And could someone please set a car bomb off at the next House and Senate Finance Committee meetings so we can kill the bastards who put us here.

Those lying thieves can't die fast enough for me.

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