05 August 2010


They’re debating the 2011 defense appropriations in Congress and the members of both parties are set to go to war against each other.

Apparently a big thing is the DADT repeal and allowing elective abortions in military hospitals.

Personally … DADT should stay in place, plain and simple. You wanna be gay, fine. You wanna be openly gay, no.

As for elective abortions — I have nothing to say about abortions since I’m a guy and can’t have either a baby or an abortion.

If a woman wants one, that’s her call. What the fuck that has to do with defense appropriations is beyond me. If you’re stupid or careless enough to get knocked up and don’t want the kid for whatever reason, go the hell off base and have the abortion. It’s your call.

If guys out there have anything to say about abortion, I have a prerequisite before I’ll listen to your argument: shit an honest to God bowling ball first. Then get back to me. Otherwise STFU.

Full story HERE from the Military Times.

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