02 August 2010


"In a speech to the Disabled American Veterans national convention in Atlanta, the president said that beginning next month, the more than seven-year-old conflict will change from a primarily military enterprise to a diplomatic one." From the Washington Post. More HERE .

According to the President, the war in Iraq is ending "on schedule."

I'm sure all the grunts still there will be happy to hear this, and I'm reaaaaallly sure the Iraqis we're gonna leave there will be ecstatic.

What effin' schedule?

Jesus Christ. Did we learn absolutely nothing from Nam?

We left there after turning the place over to the locals and the North — and, fair play, they won and could do what they wanted — killed or imprisoned anyone who worked with us who couldn't get out (I went back in '95 ... no Yards around).

Charlie Wilson said the same about Afghanistan the first time when we helped drive the Russians out (a grudge match if ever there was one).

We just don't learn shit, do we?

Nooooo. We just get grunts maimed and killed and say, "Okay guys, it's over. I got an election to win."

Oh well. If you joined the military for any other reason than to participate in the Ultimate Extreme Sport (war, for the uninitiated), guess what happens? You get shot, killed, or get medals and everyone drinks to your death for about five years and then ...hey, you're history. I ain't knocking joining ... I am knocking joining for any other reason that to give combat a shot.

Ah, shit.

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