23 August 2010


The Daily News' version of ex-jock sniffer Keith Olberman chimed in on the GZ mosque issue — predictably — by announcing how scary Newt Gingrich is because he notes that you can't build Nazi meeting halls next to DC's Holocaust Museum, or a Japanese shrine next to the USS Arizona memorial.

Of course Little Lupey finds Gingrich using those type comparisons "scary" and "right wing." He also manages to take a shot at Sarah Palin for some reason.

(He also mentions crowd numbers, but doesn't distinguish how many of which side. Nice reportage, Mike).

Mike, go back to sports. At least your material is less trite and hackneyed there.

When the hell are these raving libs going to get it? I guess they figure if you keeping saying someone's a right wing extremist, people will believe what they write after a while (apparently journalists aren't reading their own credibility polls).

But all they're doing is setting the stage for the disappearance — once again — of the left wing agenda fostered on us by this President and this Congress.

Note to MSM: It's about what's culturally — our culture — the correct thing o do.

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