04 August 2010


Okay ... you want to build a mosque at Ground Zero to demonstrate how nice you no-one's-sure-which-side-you're-on MFers are and how much you want to show your respect for the fallen?

Let's build a synagogue in Mecca, a cathedral in Medina, a Playboy Club in Riyadh and let's put a gah-damn Christ of the Andes-size Star of David atop the Tuwaiq escarpment FIRST.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

Want to build a mosque in Manhattan? Hey, no problem.

But how fucking dare you build it at GROUND ZERO.

And remember which politicians are going with this idea, come the next election.

This PC bullshit better cease.

UPDATE: These FUCKERS support the mosque at GZ ... I've got an idea. Let's build a White Power meeting hall at Auschwitz. How's that work for you assholes?

UPDATE 2: 8/6/10 There are over 100 mosques in NYC at the moment and over 800,000 muslims. They can all go screw themselves — and their "religion of peace" — if they want one at GZ.

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