16 August 2010


(I'd like to start this off with the F word, but I think I've pretty much shot that while talking about the mosque at GZ. Sooooo ...)

Screw Ramadan.

When a bunch of Presbyterians fly planes into buildings and the rest of the Presbyterians refuse to condemn their folk, then I will no longer say SCREW RAMADAN. Until then, take islam and shove it.

(And my apologies to the Presbyterians. It just happened to be the first word/religion to pop into my head. Well, I coulda' said Catholic, but we got the thing with the child molesters and are getting enough bad press.)

As for Allah ... issue a fatwah on me ... 'cause if that's your god, he sucks big time.

And feel free to c'mon over and exercise the ruling. I'm waiting ALL the time.

Nuke Iran.

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