11 August 2010


Even Governor Paterson, who is actually a supporter of the proposed mosque in NYC, has figured out that GZ may not be the appropriate place for erecting something that houses the religion used as justification for the assault that brought down the WTC buildings.

He's offered some government land located away from GZ to those who want to build the mosque.

Now we'll see what's the "real" intent of these assholes.

Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, dumb-ass mayor Bloomberg, has seen his popularity drop seven points since April (to 49 percent), with 53 percent of the general public not liking his stance on the GZ mosque (and over 70 percent of the Republicans polled). This from a Marist Poll.

Apparently mayor Mikey is out of touch with his constituency. But then, what pol these days isn't? Incumbents are falling like blocks in a preschool class in primaries around the nation. Seems like those in power just didn't get it (or couldn't fake it) in time. The November election will tell.

HERE's more on the Governor's plan.

And HERE'S more about the Bloomberg-GZ mosque poll.

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