16 September 2010


We Don’t Care — We’ll Do What We Want
“Almost half the country opposes tax increases for the richest Americans, according to a poll suggesting that congressional Democrats are taking some risk by backing President Barack Obama's plan to boost levies on the wealthy.”
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I Don’t Care — I’ll Do What I Want
“President Obama plans to appoint Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren to a Treasury Department advisory post that will allow her to help create the consumer protection bureau, a key component of the new financial regulatory overhaul, without subjecting her to an arduous Senate confirmation process, according to a Democratic official.”
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What? Me Worry?
With the new Obamanomics, shutting down an industry only has a “limited effect.”

“The Obama administration's six-month moratorium on offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has had a limited effect on employment despite proclamations the ban would cripple the already fragile coastal economies.”
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Meanwhile the people on whom the closure had a limited effect helped pay for the First Dog to be flown to Maine separately from the Obamas back in July … on its own jet! (You can’t make this shit up: Go HERE.)

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