17 November 2010


Socialist, bring-America-Left George Soros is appalled by what transpired in the last elections and, through his Center for American Progress, HAS COME UP WITH SOME WAYS THE PRESIDENT CAN IGNORE THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

"[The] Center for American Progress today is releasing a report, “Power of the President,” proposing 30 executive actions the president can take to advance progressive change in the areas of energy, the economy, health care, education, foreign policy, and national security. “The following authorities can be used to ensure progress on key issues facing the country today: Executive orders, Rulemaking, Agency management, Convening and creating public-private partnerships , Commanding the armed forces, Diplomacy." (courtesy of the Patriotic Resistance).

Google it and have fun ... it's our country and this immigrant fuck is trying to take it away by buying it ....and he's been successful.

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