18 December 2010


Yes, I still would like to know why Julian Assange isn't under indictment for treason or espionage (read the law. He's guilty of both), and then ... well, file this under Silver Linings.

Apparently, one document leaked contains info on the fact that Cuba, which appeared in a Michael Moore documentary on health care to illustrate what good socialist medical policy can do, has banned the film in Cuba. Seems the Castro folks didn't want the people of Cuba to be reminded that the healthcare facility pictured in fatso's film exists since they can't avail themselves of it — unless they know someone to bribe.

Also according to the leaked document, some Cuban doctors walked out of a screening of the flic (as in movie, not French cop) in protest.

This begs a couple of questions. If the left says this is untrue, then what does that mean for the rest of the Wikileaks releases? If they say it's true, then what does this mean for their raves about Moore's "documentary?" Can't have it both ways, like Libs and Lefties always want.

Oh, and check this out: Moore has donated money to the Assange defense fund!

Yes, indeed, sometimes life is good.


Anonymous said...

Sure all Wikileaks did is reinforce my belief that right wingers truly are lieing pieces of shit.
It would be the equivalent of me telling a REMF that K/75 Rangers are had it easier than the division band.

Roger said...

Damn I didn't want that to be anonymous because I'm a liberal and not a cowardly republican.

See the link:

Study: Conservatives Have Larger 'Fear Centers' in Their Brains | News & Politics