10 January 2011


Get ready for the anti-gun rhetoric, misinformation and downright lying from the leftwing, MSM/SRM, the lotus-eaters out in LaLa Land (that shoulda-been-hung-long-ago old bag, Hanoi Jane, having a new exercise regime to hustle, has chimed in) , and all the rest of the creepie crawlies who are blaming the Arizona shootings on everything and anyone who can reasonably or unreasonably be connected to non-destroy-America thought.

I think the epitome of the low class rhetoric has to come from a Grey Lady columnist who starts a column off about a 2009 Gifford event in which a "Tea Party" member waving a "Don't Tread on Me" sign "too vigorously" had a pistol fall out of his underarm holster. And what happened? Nothing, that was pretty much the whole lead to this weekend's story for that "journalist." (Apparently there are no such things as editors anymore.)

Not one has the balls to state the obvious: the guy (Jared Lee Loughner. Why do these loonies always have three names?) who committed the murders/assassinations was one seriously demented individual. Not to mention a devotee of among other crazy tracts, The Communist Manifesto, which the left has now decided is actually a conservative tome.

And as usual, it wasn't a gun that did the crime, it was a person.

But let's blame Sarah Palin, the NRA, gun owners, Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Republicans, the Congressional majority of the latter, people from Arizona, people from any state that doesn't support Brady-like Laws (Long Island's very own Carolyn McCarthy loves this stuff), etc., etc.

Let's not blame one seriously demented motherfucker for this tragedy.

And my condolences to ALL who were injured and killed — especially that beautiful little girl who's life had so much promise.

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