23 February 2011


Al Jazeera makes CNN and MS-NBC, Bill Maher and Keith Olberman look like actual journalists.

Their take on Egypt? “Israeli army will cash in on Egyptian revolution.”
Hmmm. Well, okay, why not?

What do they have to say about Libya? “Gaddafi has failed to digest that western friendships do not really matter when the curtain falls.” Meanwhile, he's killing every friggin' Arab he can find.

This one is classic — about Libya: “It was a classic case of a leader blinded by power, who has been around for too long, and who seemingly believes the many stories, or should we say lies, that he has fed his people for 42 unbearable years.”
Can I get a big Uhhh-DUHHHH on that? And can Al Jazeera explain why every MFing leader in the ME fits that description?

Iran? “The Iranian day of reckoning is coming. This is why America is moving their troops out, no matter what…”
Hmmm. I didn’t think we had troops there. Must be all those pesky CIA hikers.

Allahu Akbar this.

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