16 July 2011


As much as I find polls to be a load of crap ... I love this one.

"For the second consecutive month of polling, voters said they would vote for the "Republican Party's candidate for president" over President Obama, with 47 percent saying they would support the GOP candidate over Obama, who received just 39 percent.

"The Gallup survey, taken July 7-10, showed a three-percent jump for "Generic Republican" from when the group took the last poll in June."

Naturally, this is buried in the MSM (I didn't hear about the first one, did you?) but it's good to know that soon enough, no matter how left the MSM/SRM is, they'll be jumping ship or looking even more amateurish than they did last cycle when they elected an inexperienced candidate to preside over the sinking of the good ship America.

So we've come to a Man in Black coda for the election "...Bill or George! Anything but Sue!"

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