01 August 2011


From the UK's The Telegraph ...

Here's a "Thanks a lot" to all the politicians — all of them — whose salary and ways of life will be totally unaffected by their actions.

"From these shores, we can only look on in horror at America’s apparently wilful descent into self-induced chaos. Much as our own politics can sometimes seem equally dysfunctional, right now Westminster looks like a haven of sanity compared to Washington. Against all expectations, Britain’s Coalition government has managed to hatch and enact a credible deficit reduction plan which has salvaged the nation’s triple-A credit rating and, in the nick of time, saved the country from the fiscal ruin into which the US is drifting.

"It is still early days, but the Coalition’s resolve in grasping the fiscal challenge stands in admirable contrast to American impotence. Regrettably, we cannot remain immune to the catastrophe that would ensue if America does decide to throw itself over the cliff, just as we cannot divorce ourselves from the traumas of the eurozone.

"The world economy is more interlinked than ever. If America stumbles, it will be hard times for all. But at least in Britain we have begun the long hard slog back to competitiveness. If only the US could do the same."

Complete Editorial: HERE.

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