25 January 2012


Okay, from the headlines and whatnot after the president's Tuesday night speech, here's the way it looks like the MSM is planning to get him re-elected.

First off the Romney-Gingrich GOP nominee line: You'll probably hear and/or read nothing but how the two are polling equal. When something else will be reported it will only have to do with Romney — the left and the Dems are afraid of him because they apparently realize he can beat their boy. There will be NO mention of Mitt without the inclusion of the keywords "Mormon," "income tax," or "tithing," and will always make reference to his "corporate raiding," the latter, an arrogant assumption and a blatant lie, the three former ones irrelevant.

Secondly. There will only be reference to Gingrich in the context of Romney, but there will be a downplaying of any of Gingrich's faults, gaffes, etc. Slowly, the words "divorce," "Fannie Mae," "Freddie Mac," "DC insider," etc. will disappear from Newt stories. If there was a chance Newt could pull Indies, I'd probably vote for him, but there isn't, so Mitt's My Man.

Don't believe me? Watch. listen and learn how America got burned in the last election.

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