13 January 2012


If it isn't bad enough that the media elected President Obama by refusing to do ANY kind of background — or for that matter, look up his name in a phone book — check, how they've come up with a better way to keep him and his socialist cronies in office.

You can see it now.

"Hey. I've got an idea. The Republicans/Tea Party/Conservatives are so screwed up about who to vote for, let's throw a REAL wrench in the machine.
"Whatta ya mean?"
"Well, remember when Perot ran?"
"Yeah, but they already have a Perot. Ron Paul."
"That's not the point. What I'm trying to say is let's do a Mad Magazine thing on them."
"What the hell is Mad Magazine?"
"Shut up and listen. We get some stupid television personality who thinks he's a genius and get him to run. We got $68 million. We gotta spend it somewhere, don't we?"
"But what's that going to do?"
"Well, it gives those assholes in the media who feed on everything we give them, a chance to mock elect a Republican so they can say they're impartial."
"Who do you have in mind?"
"Steve Colbert."
"That guy who comes after Jon Stewart."
"Hey, isn't he that guy who got elected to the something in Canada?"
"No! That's Al Franken and he got elected in ... I dunno, Michigan or Minnesota or Green Bay or one of those cold places where nobody lives."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. Colberts the OTHER guy with glasses."
"Oh, yeah. He's the guy that played the porter in Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd."
"NO! That was Al Franken."

Even though we're presented with voting for someone who can beat our present President, watch what happens now that Colbert's in the SC primary. And watch how much cash he has to spend. This ain't a Pat Paulsen for President riff (hopefully, SOMEone reading this remembers that). This is another attempt by the media who — see the entry before this one — want to know whether they should investigate their sources, to pollute any chance of throwing the current President out of office.

(I refuse — unlike every scumbag liberal and democrat in the world — to use pejoratives about our President ... unlike the aforementioned scumbags)

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