24 September 2013

Things That Actually Matter

Why are we allowing people who aren’t subject to a law vote on whether we must obey that law?

Why are we cozying up to Iran?

Why am I NOT asked for ID when I vote, but — at 64 years old — I’ve been "proofed" for cigarettes?

Why is BET racially acceptable?

Why is it “bad” to expect immigrants to enter the country legally?

Why are we giving weapons to people who have made it their stated raison d’etre to kill us? 

Why are the words “Chicago” or “Illinois” ever uttered along with the President’s name?

Why can’t we say the President’s middle name without disapprobation?

Since when did any level of disagreement with the sitting administration label Americans anarchists?

Why don’t we call Tea Party adherents Hippies?

Why don’t anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment stories start with, “An otherwise totally sane individual walked into …”?

Why does CAIR count Lowe's as one of its top 10 enemies (along with Peter King, Herman Cain, Col. West, et al)?

These and more of your burning questions

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News at Never.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Anarchists. Pure fabrication and hyperbole.

Even for a moonbat like Reed.

It isn't America anymore Gary.