12 December 2013


My wife and I were discussing the naming of winter storms, done, ostensibly, because it will make the public take more notice if a storm is named. This is in a country where people who live in a city built below sea level — New Orleans — didn’t flee with the news that a hurricane —named — was about to, and did, drown them.
I’ve come to the conclusion that things as simple as telling Americans they don’t know a storm needs to be heeded is part of a societal disease in this country — a truly insidious infection —that is responsible for the dumbing down of Americans.
Because of liberal PC philosophy we can no longer describe things properly without censure. Instead we make up idiotic names to describes things non-genderly, non-racially and most of all, non-factually.
We don’t have to remember phone numbers, addresses — hell, even names — anymore. We have electronic gadgets to do it for us. Our cars have GPS systems so we don’t need to read maps; the nanny state we’ve allowed to fester has put warnings on virtually everything, mainly because it’s been decreed everything is bad for you; and you’re not allowed to exercise judgment because what’s “right” is pre-determined by an elected functionary who pushed a law through in the middle of the night for his/her special interest group.
We have an Alfred E. Neuman-esque immigration policy, our airport security system is equally nonsensical, and we allow sworn enemies to proselytize in our country while we all nod sanctimoniously about the “Bill of Rights,” which has nothing to do with it.
Our economy fell prey to elected government flunkies who mandated money had to be lent to people who couldn’t afford to pay the money back, our children are educated by the fiat of government number-crunchers rather than teachers, and we have sunk to the ludicrous level of not requiring identification to vote — for the people in the government who vote on themselves!
We listen as ridiculous liberal courts ban sensible things — stop and frisk comes to mind, as does profiling — all under some asinine guise that someone might get offended or it might not be what our Bill of Rights meant. I gotta’ say … no matter what our Founding Fathers were, one thing they weren’t was stupid, and “an evolving Constitution” is about as stupid as it gets and ends in only one place — somewhere that tyranny reigns.
Hell, even the Super Bowl is tainted by PCism; a commercial extolling the right of an American father to do whatever it takes to defend his family because they mean everything to him  — with no image more inflammatory than a father kissing his wife and child — is too “offensive” to air during the Super Bowl. Getting blasted drunk and driving home and killing some people is, apparently okay, as long as you’re “drinking responsibly” while you do it.
Oh, and speaking of killing people. Should I mention all the gun control hysterics resulting in bad guys getting to have guns and good guys not? That’s Brobdingnagian idiocy.
I wonder how long it will take for those of us who find all this absolutely Babelian dithering and blathering to get offended by the people who are now offended by that rapidly disappearing American attribute — heart be still — common sense? — GPJ

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Albert Einstein

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