14 January 2014


Those of you who know me, know I've carried my Buck 110 for — well — a loooong time. I think the only day I haven't worn one (this is my second) was for my daughter's wedding. That said, on November 13, 2013, I had to send it off to Buck. It was 20-25 years old, the blade spring was weakening, the blade was in pretty rough shape and it needed a general clean up (top image).

I e-mailed Buck, they said send it on over. They also noted that since it was around Christmas time, it could take six to eight weeks to get back. Well, they were right on the timing; it took eight weeks, nearly to the day (not counting it lingering in the US Mail for eight days as it shipped from Idaho to New York).

I'd had my previous Buck refurbished by them and recall it being a great job, but this time it was even better if that was possible. The knife looks practically brand new (it still has the proper scars and dents, so I know it's mine). They polished the brass, fixed pins, oiled and polished the wood, hell, they even re-bladed it! And sent me a 25% discount card. All for free. (The image doesn't it do it justice. It's friggin' beautiful.)

Anyway, if you're going to buy a knife — I own a Gerber Mk II, a WWII Sykes-Fairbairn and a native-made WWII Philippine bolo knife, among a lot of  others — go with a Buck. Period. www.buckknives.com

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