09 January 2014


First off, you can argue some of what I’m about to say from a position of intellectual and moral superiority, planetary social consciousness, socialist economic policy, etc., ad nauseam.

But if it’s THIS country — and the problems we have — that you care about, you can’t argue the government’s own numbers.

You also can’t argue the responsibility of the elected officials in Washington who continually do what they want to, not what they were elected to do.

Watch these two videos by Roy Beck (there’s a link to the second video at the end of the first) of Numbers USA (https://www.numbersusa.com).

Roy Beck (this is from Wikipedia- GPJ) is a former journalist and public policy analyst who has served as the Executive Director of NumbersUSA since 1997. Beck was a journalist for three decades before founding NumbersUSA. He is former Washington D. C. bureau chief of Booth Newspapers and one of the nation's first environment-beat newspaper reporters. Beck was also the Washington DC editor of John Tanton's magazine The Social Contract, and a frequent speaker on population, labor, and immigration issues. The New York Times credited Beck's NumbersUSA organization with applying enough pressure to U.S. Senators to defeat a comprehensive immigration bill in June 2007.

If you want to solve a lot of problems for the future of America, this points out an obvious starting point. 

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